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Welcome Adventurers! It is completely safe to go alone!

Welcome to this brand new Podcast!

We will be exploring many different aspect of LARP, from what LARP is, to how to put on a LARP, to how LARP can benefit you in your everyday lives, to the new friends you make in LARP. The podcast will be bi-monthly and go up every odd numbered Month, and we will announce here before it goes up.

We are implementing a scale for our podcast so you will know who the episodes are primarily geared toward. Every episode is, of course, for everyone, but we will target them slightly to make them more useful for certain groups.

The Scale is 1 to 10, plus Town Crier. As examples of this, we have put this description together: One will be the Young Adventurer which will focus on those who are new or just starting out in LARP.

These Episodes will focus on things which will be of interest to new LARPers as they venture forth and begin their adventure.

At three you should consider yourself an established hero.

You’re the guy everyone in town is coming to when that Dragon needs to be slayed, and you have done several LARPs. These Episodes will be discussing different LARPing experiences, and also just different LARPs.

Seven will be once you have reached that status of a well-known Noble.

You have slain dragons, escaped dungeons, rescued the villagers, and reaped the rewards of all those years of questing and been LARPing for a while, either locally or internationally! These Episodes might look at aspects of character development, or costuming, or helping to add to the LARP as a player or even NPCing for a LARP.

A ten on the scale will be for the grizzled Innkeeper.

You have stepped into the realm of running the store. You might benefit from a more technical discussion of LARP or designing and running LARP Events, which are what these episodes will focus on.

Finally, Town Crier Episodes will be those outside of this scale and will speak to all LARPers, regardless of experience.

We look forward to sharing LARP experiences and LARP ideas with you! Be you Adventurer or Innkeeper, we look forward to helping you on your way!

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